Creamed Honey

We often get asked about creamed honey; what it is made of, how it is made and if it’s adulterated in any way. So if these are questions you have been asking, this post is for you.

To understand creamed honey, it’s best if you understand liquid honey first. When you leave unpasteurized liquid honey in a jar for 6-12 weeks, you may see crystals forming in your honey. This is natural and has no effect on the honey other than the lighter color and texture. Eventually, your entire jar of honey will become crystalized. The crystal size may very form fine crystals to large gritty crystals.  More information on granulated honey is mentioned here.

One problem customers have with granulated honey, is the constant need to rewarm your jar or deal with honey that is very hard and difficult to use. If this is bothersome, creamed honey may be a great choice for you.

Creamed honey is honey that has gone through the granulation process but is still soft and spreadable at room temperature. These characteristics are not shared with liquid honey.

To make creamed honey, all you need is previously creamed honey. You add some to a batch of liquid honey and leave it alone for a while and eureka! … you get creamed honey. Well, it’s not quite that simple, but that is the basic process. Nothing other than creamed honey gets added to a batch of liquid to make creamed honey. The ‘seed honey’ you add is mixed (hence the term whipped honey) into the batch and the texture of the fine seed honey is spread into the batch.

It takes about 4 days – 2 weeks depending on the method used, you should have a finely textured soft granulated honey. It will stay in this state until used because it’s already crystalized so it won’t turn hard anymore.

We find that the firmness of the batch varies according to the moisture percentage of the honey. It will have a peanut butter firmness. Our honey is usually under 17.8 percent moisture which is considered very dry.

So if you are concerned about the natural qualities of creamed honey, don’t be. Creamed honey is one of the finest products from the hive. You can enjoy your spreadable honey without the inconvenience of reheating your honey.

It’s really a preference, but if you’ve never tried any creamed honey, now’s a great time.