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Our Location

We are available for local pickups on appointment only. We are often checking up on bees so it’s best for you to call or text for a mutual benificial time.

GPS Coordinates:


To get to our Beehouse from Elm Creek, there are a several options.

From Elm Creek:

  1. Go 4 miles north on #13 highway to O’Connor Road 50N
  2. Turn west for 2 miles and turn north for 0.5 miles
  3. You should be at entrance lane

From #1 Highway:

  1. Go south on #13 highway until you get to Wingham School Road 52N. It’s about a 10 minute drive south.
  2. Go west for 2 miles at 52N and south for another 1.5 miles.
  3. You should be at entrance.

Alternative Route from Elm Creek:

  1. We are 2 miles west of Elm Creek on number 2.
  2. Turn north at road 26W Butler Road and go north for 4.5 miles

Our beehouse is located on Wingham Colony.  The beehouse is south of the big brown shop directly in front of you as you drive west into the yard. It’s a smaller ‘cream’ coloured building. Download directions above if you need additional help.


Golden Bee Apiaries
Box 219
Elm Creek, Manitoba

+1 204-745-7420

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