Alternative Queen Rearing

There are many methods of queen rearing and once you get the general idea, many different ideas are possible. Below are two concepts that I’ve seen and the people who use them, claim they work. I used the first method in my first year beekeeping and it seemed to work fine back then. However, I currently use the starter finisher/method queen rearing method these days simply I usually want more than 10 cells.

Starter and Finisher

The method above has been claimed to be ok for a small number of queens. I would suggest no more than 10 but it all depends on the hive population and nurse bee population.

The method below is very interesting to me. I have not tried it, but I have little doubt that it works. I found this method online and was intrigued by it so I designed the diagram to illustrate and to make the concepts more concrete. I’m considering trying it…