Honey and Soap

natural soap

A display of some of the products we have available.

You will notice that the tag line on our logo reads, ‘natural sweet honey and more’. When I first took over the apiaries, designing our logo was one of the first tasks. When people saw the new design, they often asked, ‘So what else are you planning on selling?’

At that time, I was already planning a whole range of natural products like soap, shampoos, lip balm, and deodorants. My goal is to sell natural products that were of excellent quality. That required a lot of time and testing. Fortunately beekeeping slows down during the 6 months of Manitoba winter which allowed for plenty of time for research and development.

And so my soaping exploration began!

Why natural soap?

Most commercially produced soaps contain synthetic lathering agents, harsh chemicals and other ingredients you can’t even pronounce. In addition some of them are harmful to the environment. With the new trend of healthy living, natural soaps and hygiene products fit perfectly with our customer base.

natural soap box

All soaps are shipped in individually packaged boxes.

Our goal was develop a handful of quality products of consistent quality. We sell our natural soaps for $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00. This makes them affordable and you can expect a bar of soap to last a family of 4 for about a month depending on usage. We make smaller batches of 12 to 24 bars and each batch may have slight variations due to their hand poured nature.

Getting started with soap

The first task was to track down recipes and learn the science behind natural soap making. Being an educator, I became fascinated with the amount of science behind SAP values in oils and quickly moved to fine tune recipes and eventually make some of my own. Balancing the amount of essential oils in my recipes was tricky and took several attempts to get it to where I liked them. We only sell soap and shampoos that meet the highest standards.

Natural Soap ingredients

natural soaps

Comparing predictive quality of soap recipies with a benchmark.

We are often asked about our ingredients. All our ingredients are sourced from companies that adhere to sustainable farming practices. Some of the ingredients include, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, etc. Clays and natural colorants can be added to achieve a certain appearance. We scent most our soaps and shampoo bars with essential oils giving you an all natural fragrance. However, some of our soaps use fragerance oils but we ensure they are phthalate free. Using a fragerance provides a stronger scent that doesn’t fade as easily with time.

Our soaps are made using a cold process method and require 4-6 weeks of curing time before use. During this time they turn into ‘soap’ and will shrink a little due to loss of water.  We sell only cured soaps but if the batch is fresh, we will mention it to you.

Shampoo bars

Soap and Shampoo bars

Lemongrass Shampoo and Orange soap resting after being poured.

Many customers have never heard of shampoo bars. A shampoo bar is a bar of ‘soap’ that is used as a shampoo replacement. Yes, you can use it and replace your commercially produced shampoos with our shampoo bars. You can also use shampoo bars as a regular soap. Customers sometimes feel they cannot use them as soap alternative because of the ‘shampoo’ label. There are a few extra ingredients our shampoo bars but feel free to use shampoo bars either way.  Currently we sell lime and lemongrass scented shampoo bars (bees love lemongrass).  If you start using a shampoo bar, it’s best if you don’t use commercial shampoos interchangeably because your hair goes through an adjustment period. It takes about 2-3 weeks before the effects are fully realized.

Ordering Soap

Our soaps are all sold in individually packaged and labelled boxes. If you require a large order of a single type of soap, we require at least 4 weeks notice. This gives our soap enough time to cure. We do not keep 100’s of soaps from each type in stock. Downpayment on large orders may be required.

Try some today!

Once you try our natural soaps, we are confident you will feel the difference. Try some with your next order or get some as gifts.  So go ahead and try some today.




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