Our Honey

Our honey is 100% pure and is not pasteurized. It has been filtered to remove wax and other particles in the honey. As such, liquid honey will granulate over time. This is normal and ensures you have quality honey.

If you want to re-liquify your honey, the best way is to take a pot and gently heat to 45 – 50 C. Place your jar of honey inside the pot and leave it until your honey is runny. Some people use a microwave, but that can alter the appearance, taste and health benefits of honey. Heating honey to 60 C will cause it to pasteurize and it will remain in its liquid state.

The time it takes for honey to granulate or crystallize depends on the nectar source. In our area of Manitoba, there is a lot of canola honey which granulates quickly and so we cream a lot of honey each year so it stays spreadable.

Whether you choose liquid or creamed honey, we are sure you will love the natural sweet taste! Try some and see why our customers have been returning year after year!

Ripe frame of Honey

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