Manitoba Nucs

Mid-summer nucs

Mid-summer nucs

Each summer, we make up nucs for next years’ increase and winter loss replacement. A nuc is simply a ‘baby hive’ made up of  2 frames of brood from a strong donor hive and 1 frame of pollen/honey. They are put into 5 or 6 frame boxes and allowed to establish themselves with a new queen. We graft our own queens during the summer from proven local stock. During the summer, they will grow and are usually ready to be moved into a larger 10 frame hive mid July.

The photo on the right shows 6 nucs in Jester nuc boxes. They are five frame corrugated plastic and are excellent boxes due to their portability. Since we move nucs after making them, these boxes are perfect because they have an easy to close entrance and can easily be gripped for handling. If they become established, they are moved to 6 frame nucs or 10 frame equipment depending on our needs at the moment.

For more information on our process, we have a article on our nuc making process.

We have nucs available for sale available in Mid-May. All nucs are 4 frames and come with 3 frames of brood and one honey/pollen frame. Due to the limited supply, we will require a down payment for all orders. Four frame nucs are priced at $200.

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